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The intention of this Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) program is to assist you in complying with requirements of the Victorian OHS Act (2004) for identifying and controlling hazards associated with the work you perform.

There is a 5 stage process to complete the SWMS followed by the final process to print the report. The process allows you to enter information such as:

  • hazards associated with the tasks performed
  • methods to control the hazards
  • estimated costs associated with the control methods (to assist with quoting jobs for your customers)
  • a choice of suitable products that make the tasks easier and safer to perform

Project Details


Does your work constitute "High Risk Construction Work"?

Please select from the list below if your work involves any of the following hazards:

 Information about 'Risk of a person falling more than 2 metres' 
 Information about 'Involving the removal or likely disturbance of asbestos' 
 Information about 'Involving a confined space' 
 Information about 'Involving a trench or shaft if the excavated depth is more than 1-5 metres' 
 Information about 'Involving a tunnel' 
 Information about 'On or near chemical, fuel or refrigerant lines' 
 Information about 'On or near energised electrical installations or services' 
 Information about 'In an area that may have a contaminated or flammable atmosphere' 
 Information about 'On or adjacent to roadways or railways used by road or rail traffic' 
 Information about 'At workplaces where there is any movement of powered mobile plant' 
 Information about 'In, over or adjacent to water or other liquids where there is a risk of drowning'